Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1 - The Review

Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1 by Brian Bednis

Spider-Man has been a long time favorite of mine for many years now. Not because he is such a prominent character in the comic book world, but because his storyline is genuinely interesting. Here we have a guy whose life is riddled with tragedy and death. Peter Parker's parents died when he was young and then...well I won't spoil all the fun. If you've never read Spider-Man before, I've already said too much.

That brings me to my main point. If you don't know anything about our favorite wall crawler, the Ultimate series is a good place to start. It is a retelling of the classic story, but updated for a more modern time. Not only that, but author Brian Bendis nails the writing. Each character has depth, and at least some small level of story-arc. This gives the world in which Spider-Man exists a feeling of constant change, and adds a sense of realism. Considering we are reading a story about a guy who gets super powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider, that is a pretty big accomplishment.

I won't go on too much longer about how much I love this series. It is just plain good, and definitely worth checking out. If you want an accurate depiction of how good Spider-Man can be, pick this one up and you won't be disappointed.

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