Friday, May 18, 2012

Which Books Make You Say GRRRRRRRR........?

While most selections on this Blog are books that we have loved, its always interesting to also discuss books that have annoyed us for one reason or another. I would say Twilight by Stephenie Meyer was extremely annoying. While Edward had many girls swooning, I found his idea of romance completely irritating. Not all females would enjoy being watched as they sleep. What spells romance to some, spells out STALKING to others.

So I challenge you....what book frustrates you???


  1. TWILIGHT, UGH. granted i've only read the first book, but seriously? it's not that good. as if it's not bad enough that edward acts like a stalker, bella is completely useless and boring, and the fact that half the dudes in the book are in love with her is ridiculous. i think it sets a terrible example for girls - just say no to being a helpless and overly clingy whiner, and possessive creepers are not romantic, they're lame - and possibly dangerous - and should be avoided at all costs. to be honest, though, what really ruins it for me is the rabid fangirls and twimoms - the crazy ZOMGEDWARDJACOBBESTBOOKEVAAAR<3<3<3ness is what i find most annoying about the series.

    i thought the first two fallen books by lauren kate were terrible, which is sad because they have such cool covers and i really liked the idea and wanted to enjoy them. in the first one, nothing happens until the very end. luce is boring and takes too long to figure things out. and why would you be instantly in love with a guy whose first greeting towards you is a big fat middle finger? luce and daniel are supposed to be made for each other, but you're never shown why - it's like 'i'm told i'm supposed to love you, so i will love you,' there's no passion or depth to it. the second book, torment, is a little better, but still mediocre, and the melodrama annoyed the heck out of me - there's seriously a scene that's like 'oh, let me make out with my broody angel boyfriend above the clouds and conveniently plummet to my death simply so he can swoop down to my rescue and deliver the line "i will always catch you when you fall."' gag, cringe, and so forth. oh, and team miles, all the way. i will give lauren kate credit because i actually enjoyed the third book, passion, which had better writing and a better story overall - it even made me like daniel a little.

  2. I have never read Twilight and I never will. *shudder*

    I didn't like Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick because of the wimpy heroine - she totally ruined the book for me. I also can't stand Lauren Kate's Fallen series. The story drags out and was boring to me because all Luce ever did was drone on about Daniel. Lastly, I disliked Evermore by Alyson Noel. The characters were very flat and the story was predictable.

    I've noticed that in a lot of paranormal young adult books, the love interest is immortal and, for some unexplainable reason, falls in love with a teenage girl who does nothing but whine and complain. It just makes the romance unbelievable unless it's really well-written.

  3. OMG i loved twilight. how could you not. yea so Edward is alittle creapy(i totally would not want someone reading my mind or watching me sleep) BUT the idea is to be a tragic love story.

  4. The Hunger Games.
    Everyone loves them so much, but I find them kinda boring and cliche. I thought the movie was better than the books simply because the action was a lot better. Reading the action sequences in the book was so boring I hardly even noticed it was supposed to be like a fight to the death.

    Of course Twilight. Gotta hate on Twilight.